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Fanling Wellness; Facilitator: Low-Priced wellness packages for Ugandans in India

Fanling Wellness is a reputed medical tourism company based in India with offices in many countries across the World. FLW organizes low-cost treatments for Ugandan patients in Indian medical institutions and specialty clinics. Reputed and well known for its quality service and transparency, Fanling Wellness is on rapid growth

Fanling Wellness with a local presence in Uganda works tirelessly to secure the rights of Ugandan patients. We ensure treatment at an affordable cost that which are prevailing for the locals in that destination.   Our patients are treated in top ring hospitals and niche clinics that are well equipped with medical devices pertaining to the latest technology and medical professional fully adapt in usage. We facilitated keeping in mind the expertise and experience prevailing for the good of international patients. We also keep into account the ambiance and the culture prevailing before networking with the institutions.

We network with niche clinics and multispecialty hospitals offering wide spectrum treatments with requisite experience and training in the discipline. Some of the serious disorders being treated in India virtually pertain to all categories like cardiac (heart) surgeries, liver and kidney transplants, various cancers, blood disorders, infertility treatments, joint replacements procedures, cosmetic implants and procedures, maxillofacial dental surgeries, and more.

Fanling Wellness in the hospitality and health business takes care of all your needs in India. You are in our attentive care from the time of your arrival in India, till your departure. We assure you of meaningful delivery as an international patient making sure you receive what you pay for with no bad experiences for you.

Why India?

The reputation as regards medical services in India is growing globally. Indian doctors and surgeons have created a name for themselves internationally. These professionals are linked or fully absorbed by the clinics and hospitals in various towns and cities. The influx has bolstered medical services in the country and the reputation is growing favorably. The cost benefits are like nowhere be it transplants, major surgeries, and therapies the services are competitive while some are ranging below ninety percent whence compared. The travel services, accommodations are cheaper than the developed Nations while safety concerns are negligible.

India assures of being the best destination for your overseas quest for affordable treatments.

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Key Personnel

Amit Makwana
Tanzania Facilitator- Director
Uday Patel
East Africa Manager FLW PVT LTD India
Dr. Ashish Dave Oncologist
Online Consultant for Tanzania
Mr Salim Magadhawe