Medical Tourism Treatment Packages for Africans of Tanzania in India – Fanling Wellness

Fanling Wellness; Facilitator: Low-Priced Treatment for Tanzanians in India

Fanling Wellness a reputed medical tourism company organizes low-cost treatments for Tanzanian patients in India. Reputed and well known for its quality service and transparency,Fanling Wellness has offices and partners in several countries.

Fanling Wellness with local presence in Tanzania works tirelessly to secure rights of Tanzanian patients. We ensure treatment at local prices with full accountability and transparency.   Our patients are treated only at accredited hospitals and by experienced doctors. We take no risk with the lives and wellbeing of our patients.


We organize travel for health and wellness for wide spectrum treatments. We offer lifesaving and life enhancing procedures such as cardiac (heart) surgeries, liver and kidney transplants, IVF (assisted fertility), and knee and hip replacements surgeries as well as cancer treatments etc.

Fanling takes care of all your needs in India, from the time you arrive at the airport, till your departure, making sure you receive what you pay for and avoiding bad experiences for you.

Why India?

All treatments are available at incredibly low prices in the country. The medical results have been highly successful due to qualified, experienced physicians and surgeons and the best hospitals. Low cost and quality care go hand and hand in the country.  Cheapest pharmaceuticals, medical devices and transportation along with economical accommodation further add to the cost benefits. Friendly Indian hospitality, warm culture and amazing beauty justify medical travel to the country.     

Key Personnel

Amit Makwana
Tanzania Facilitator- Director
Uday Patel
East Africa Manager FLW PVT LTD India
Dr. Ashish Dave Oncologist
Online Consultant for Tanzania
Mr Salim Magadhawe