Dr. Vikram Shah

Dr. Vikram Shah M.S. Orthopedic is the managing director of the top-rated Shalby hospital in India. His outstanding qualification includes A.O. Basic from London (U.K.), F.A.O.A.A. from Switzerland, and F.A. S. I.F. from Germany. He has revolutionized total knee replacement using the “Zero Technique” surgical process he developed. In addition, he has established a multispecialty hospital chain for bone surgery pan India.

Shalby Hospitals treat wide spectrum bone ailments, including hip replacement in India. In addition, a large number of foreign tourists arrive in India for medical treatments and surgery. Established in metros and smaller towns Shalby Hospitals offer low cost treatment packages to domestic and overseas patients suffering from bone disease. Under Dr. Vikram Shah expertise a comprehensive health care system has been developed.

Packages include cardiothoracic-and-vascular-surgery, dental-cosmetic-and-implantology, organ transplant, infertility procedures, maxillofacial, spine, and cancer surgery, to name a few specialties.